• Work side by side to sort, declutter and make sense of it all (optional)
  • Provide individualized solutions to help you maintain the organized space


  • For repeat clients who have already had their space organized and need help maintaining those areas, Tabulated offers a 90 minute refresh session to get you back on track!​​


  • Unpack and set up your holiday decor
  • Create an organized storage system for your cherished ornaments and holiday decor
  • Organize a system that will be easy to use year after year
  • Assist with basic holiday organization and planning to gift wrapping


  • Do you consider yourself an organized person, but could use a little help better utilizing the space you have? The virtual DIY is an opportunity for you to organize yourself with some help from us.
  • This service will start with you submitting a consult form that will allow us to see your space, understand your needs and style. Then our team will provide you with a set of instructions, personalized design, and shopping list.
  • If you are not in the Bowing Green area, no problem. We can talk virtually and have all the supplies shipped to your house.

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