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Creating a Home Office

With Covid-19 looking like it may be around for a while, which means you will probably be working from home longer than you expect. You may also be looking at setting up more than a temporary office. I have been working from home for the last few years and have learned a lot and made a lot of adjustments to our space. I don’t have a dedicated office. I have an area in my house that I keep office supplies and then I work from our island.
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The Tabulated Garden

Since we are all at home more and going to the grocery store is kind of a pain right now the idea of gardening may sound appealing. We have been growing a garden since we moved into our house 8 years ago. I have learned a lot through trial and error. We are not experts by any means but we have enjoyed learning about gardening. Now my kids are getting to help and it has turned into something we do as a family.
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There is no party like a quarantine party!

Last week we celebrated Merritt’s 4th birthday and Clay Thomas’ 2nd birthday. Originally we had planned a super cute Easter-themed party at the park with an Easter egg hunt. Merritt had been talking about her birthday for months. We had the eggs stuffed for over a month in preparation for the party. Obviously, those plans changed and we had to figure something out. So what did I do?
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Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

I think sometimes when people hear about families homeschooling they imagine it always being a perfectly organized scene where all children are sitting politely and hanging on every word. More often than not, when I tell people we homeschool, I hear phrases like "Oh, I couldn't do that!" It’s as if there’s a feeling that homeschooling is for only those moms who possess superpowers. I personally think all moms have superpowers.
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5 Tips for Staying Organized on the go!

I am so thankful to have friends in my life that have older kids. Ginger is one of those. I come to her with so many questions and concerns. She graciously reminds me that they are normal or it is just a phase. I couldn’t think of a better person to have shared with you all about how to make that transition from littles to busy teens. I am still a few years away but I know that it will be an adjustment and I appreciate her perspective and tips.
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