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How to NOT Get Stuck with Clutter You Don’t Want

We have all had it happen, we have been given something we don’t want or can’t use. You have this guilt of getting rid of it or worried the gift giver may find out. Last week I shared a little bit about how to handle that, so today today I want to talk about this problem on a larger scale. I am talking about having to take over a loved ones estate. We often work with clients that are having to take care of a parent’s estate or trying to clean up their own estate so they can downsize. There was a time when people did not have a lot of things and had a lot of kids so there was not much to give out. Now that is not the case, we as a society have too much and only 1-2 children to deal with it.  Taking care of a loved one’s estate can be a very emotional and stressful process. I want to share with you a few tips that may help if you are dealing with this right now.
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Keepsakes… what should you really be keeping

Keepsake clutter can be very overwhelming. Besides the normal feeling of not knowing where to begin, you also have an emotional attachment to the item or guilt. So instead of getting rid of items, you keep it all. Does this sound familiar? These items can add up over the course of your child’s early years, then add grandparents or parent’s stuff to the mix and now you have a house full of items you don’t use and can’t emotional get rid of.
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How much does your clutter really cost you?

So often we go into clients homes and they are not using rooms or areas of their home because of clutter. Whether you have a large home or a small home if you are not using it due to clutter it is costing you money. I love how Paul Walsh breaks down the cost of your clutter in your own home in his book Lighten Up: Love what you have, Have what you need, Be happier with less.  He says to figure out what your house cost per square foot. To do that:
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Is clutter stealing your joy?

The best part of being a professional organizer is we get to see the joy brought back into a person’s home. When I get that call from clients they are overwhelmed, defeated, and looking for a better way to live. By the time we are done, the joy that we see in our clients is what keeps us going. We have seen parents get more time back with their kids, clients pick back up a hobby they loved, make their health a priority, and we have even had a client get out of debt. You may have gotten so used to living with clutter that you don’t realize the impact it is having one your stress level and the energy it is draining from you.
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Create a Donation Station in your home

You all have worked so hard during the January Challenge to get your house clutter-free and feel like you have it under control. So what now? Of course, you don’t want to let it get back to the way it was. Maintenance is going to be your best friend this year. One simple way to maintain order in your home is by having a donation station.
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