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Create a Donation Station in your home

You all have worked so hard during the January Challenge to get your house clutter-free and feel like you have it under control. So what now? Of course, you don’t want to let it get back to the way it was. Maintenance is going to be your best friend this year. One simple way to maintain order in your home is by having a donation station.
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5 Mistakes People Make When Organizing

So often we get asked if we just work with hoarders, and my answer is no. Almost all of our clients are your typical family just trying to balance work, home, and kids. Most of them have all attempted to organize themselves at one point and have left feeling like one of those Pinterest fail pictures.
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Preparing for Christmas: Decluttering Toys

Christmas is quickly approaching. That means lots of new shiny toys/games will be entering your home. And if you are like me, just the idea starts making me anxious. So how do I prepare for the influx of new stuff? Plan ahead, start decluttering now. I know you feel like you don’t have an extra second this time of year, but you will be able to enjoy the holidays so much if you take the time now.
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Wake Up Joseph!

We have all been guilty of sleeping through some of life’s greatest moments. Maybe not literally, but one way or another we have missed huge opportunities that were staring us in the face. We are staring at a moment right now - Christmas time. We have a choice to chose JOY and PEACE or join the many people battling the hustle and bustle trying to make everything "perfect". When we sleep we walk through life not engaged in all of the beauty around us. Especially in this Christmas season it is time for us to wake up to this beautiful life God has given us and the people in front of us. Maybe a little less wrapping gifts and rather wrapping those we love up in our arms with a hug. Maybe a little less baking and rather heating it up with your hubby in the bedroom (your welcome husbands). Or dare I say turning off those hallmark favorites and leaning into God's word and spending time with him. Don’t waste your days and your potential, you are destined for greatness!
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Gift Giving Series: Clutter Free Gifts for Her & Him

How many times have you caught yourself thinking, “what do you get the person that has everything?” Gift giving can be a challenge. I am very intentional when it comes to gift giving. I don’t want it to be something that gets tucked away in a closet or add clutter. I typically lean toward experiences or consumable. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite clutter free gift ideas for Her & Him.
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