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Gift giving can be stressful for both the gift giver and the recipient. As a gift giver, you want to find just the right thing. As a recipient, you may feel stressed out by the thought of finding places for these new things. I am personally a fan of “experience” gifts. I love finding fun things to do with the ones I love or give them an opportunity to get out and have a fun experience. 

With the being said, stuff and gifts are tricky because what one person calls clutter, another person may not.

To me, the definition of a non-clutter gift would be experiences or things that are: fun, useful, or add value to your life (i.e. make you happy). 

When looking for a gift ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Is it consumable?
  2. Would they prefer an experience?
  3. Is it useful in many context or extremely useful for one?

Here is a list of things I think most people would enjoy.

For Kids:

  • Zoo or Museum Membership
  • Subscription Service – one that I love is the We Cook Kits by Baby Boy Bakery
  • Waterpark Passes
  • Lessons (sports, music or a hobby)
  • Money- for college fund or if they are saving for a car
  • Art Supplies- because they are usable

*There are some toys that I would consider to be non-clutter toys because either last, are part of a set that can be built upon, promote free play or can be played with a ton

  • Legos
  • Magna Tiles
  • Blocks
  • Dress-up/ Costumes
  • Bike
  • Swing set
  • Sports balls

For Her:

  • Spa Gift CardArtifact-Uprising-SFS
  • Nice Beauty Product Gift Set
  • Artifact Uprising Gift Voucher- Help her get her pictures organized
  • Wine of the Month Subscription
  • Tabulated Gift Card for Lifestyle Management-She will love having help running errands and getting caught up around the house23755372_728572824017271_1182462496972934843_n
  • Cleaning Service Gift Card
  • Audible Subscription- For the readers on the go
  • Tickets to a play or movie
  • Pay for a baby sitter- Every mom deserves a break

For Him:

  • Tickets to a game or show
  • Beer of the Month SubscriptionUnknown.jpg
  • Gift Card to a local butcher- this is often my go to gift
  • Gourmet Snacks
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Lawn Serice Gift Voucher
  • Tabulated Gift Card for Garage Organization

For Teachers or Hostess:

  • Nice set of shops with a great to-do list or a set of dish towelsmrs meyers holiday sets.jpg
  • Wine/ Liquor- They can save it for later or serve at the party
  • Gift Card for Dinner
  • Gift Card for Coffee
  • Gift Card for the movies or a show
  • Cookie Mix
  • Tabulated Gift Card to have their classroom organized

For Anyone:

  • Netflix or Hulu Subscription
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Gift Cards for dinner, groceries or entertainment

Please note I am not paid for any of these recommendations, they are strictly my option.


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